SFCorporateRentals has been established to provide an outstanding selection of quality serviced short term rentals properties, monthly rentals and corporate rentals; and related services to a national and international client base, as well as tourist information and services. We have negotiated the best possible rates for our guests and renters and there are no hidden extras fees involved. These are our own general Terms & Conditions to answer your Frequently asked questions which covers general payment and booking terms and procedures:

How do I request a property?

Find the property you like and send us a Request this property form located at the bottom of each property page or send us a general Request a proeprty form located on the home page.

Reservation process?

1. If the property you requested is available then we will send you a rental lease application that you need to send us back as soon as possible 🙂
2. Once approved we will send you the lease agreement to be signed via online signature.
3. After lease agreement is signed you need to pay one month rent value as refundable damage deposit via check or bank transfer.
4. Then 5 days prior move-in date you need to pay the first month rent or prorated days of first month rent plus the cleaning service fee. Remaining payments are due by the first day of each month of your stay.
All payments will be summarized and perfectly described on the rental lease agreement before you sign it.

Payment method: check or bank transfer.

Is cleaning service included in the total price?

Yes, a one time cleaning fee is included in the total final price. Our properties are cleaned before and after our guests enter and leave the properties. If you wish to have the property clean during your stay you must contact us. Some properties require biweekly cleaning services to assure the quality of the property, if that is the case this will be announced on the property description you have selected

When do I receive the property address and contact details?

Anytime after you request for availability.

How much is the refundable damage deposit or security deposit?

The refundable damage deposit is indicated on each property page, usually is 1 month rent.

When will I be released the refundable damage deposit?

We will send you back the refundable damage deposit when you return the keys and after we check you have not caused any damage to the property. By law it takes 21 days after departure but we usually are faster than that!

What is provided with the rental?

All our properties are fully equipped with kitchen, shower, toilet, towels and bed linen. Extra equipment vary depending on the property. This information can be found on each property description page.

How do I cancel my reservation/rental?

To cancel the reservation you must contact SFCorporateRentals as soon as possible. See Cancellation Policy on the lease agreement you have signed.

Check-In Procedure and general rules?

1. CHECK-IN TIME IS AFTER 3:00 P.M. PST AND CHECK-OUT IS 11:00 A.M. PST. Early check-ins or late check-outs must be approved in advanced.

Important note: Usually check in times are 3:00 PM or 4:00 PM. If you arrive at the property earlier and we still need some more time to finish cleaning the property you will be kindly asked to drop your luggage off, take the keys with you and come back later. We hope you don’t mind!

2. KEYS. For everyone’s safety, please ensure that main door is locked when leaving the house and assume responsibility for the keys. If your keys are accidentally lost a fee of $50 will be charged to replace them. If you loose your keys or lock yourself out, please contact SF Corporate Rentals and we will bring them to you or you will be asked to meet SF Corporate Rentals to pick up your new keys. Keep all valuables inside the property. SF Corporate Rentals will not be responsible for any lost/damaged personal items.

3. HOW TO HAVE ACCESS TO THE PROPERTY. We will send you precise instructions by email 7 to 10 days before your arrival . We will meet you at the property and will check you in. Send an email letting us know a what time you will arrive, then on the arrival day send us a text message once you are at the airport, driving into the city or when you are ready to meet. If necessary we might give you other precise instructions on how to check in the property by yourself.

4. SECURITY DEPOSIT. A security deposit of one month rent as indicated in the property details website, must be paid at the time of completing the reservation. More information about the security deposit will be provided on the lease agreement.

5. UTILITIES. Such a water, garbage and refuse removal, sewer, natural gas, as applicable, internet, cable, and electricity are included with the rental. However, that in the event that the aggregate cost of such utilities exceeds a normal* usage in any given month renter shall pay the difference or it will be deducted form refundable damage deposit. *Normal usage will be defined on the lease agreement. This amount will ensure a regular usage for each property. If you do a reasonable utilities consumption there should not be extra charges. Be conscious with electricity, gas and water consumption and you won’t pay a dime.

6. UNDERAGE. You must be 21 years of age to rent any of our properties and provide proof of age if requested.

7. LINEN &TOWELS. Bedding and towels must be stripped and ready for laundry prior your departure. You will be charged for lost or damaged linens.

8. CLEANLINESS. The property needs to be left in the same conditions you have found it. A cleaning fee is charged to your stay but renters need to maintain clean the property during their stay. All debris, rubbish and discards must be placed in a trash bins, and soiled dishes should be cleaned when leaving the property.

9. STAY. The renter’s stay will be limited to the time allotted and confirmed on the lease agreement. If you wish to extend your stay you need to contact our office with 30 days notice and we will let you know if you can extend your stay accordingly to the availability of the property.

10. MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY. The maximum number of renters is limited to the number specified in the property details website. Renters will be forced to an eviction if exceed maximum occupancy of the property.


12. PETS. Please ask if the property you are interested in is pet friendly. An extra pet refundable damage deposit os required if the property accepts pets. This will be disclosed on the lease agreement. usually it is $500.

113. WRITTEN EXCEPTIONS. Any exceptions to the above mentioned policies must be approved in writing in advance.

Website Descriptions:

The property owner provides all property descriptions. We make every effort to keep the information as accurate as possible through continued contact with the owner and periodical visits to the properties. We don’t take responsibility for inaccuracies that may occur but will act on behalf of our customers to communicate and resolve any issues with the property owner.